Jean Fillioux 2008 14yo Grand Champagne Cognac

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Purity and complexity that borders on breathtaking…

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I’ve regained my lost taste for good brandy.  And one of the principal reasons for this change of heart, has been what Scottish independent bottlers, like William Cadenhead, have been doing to their French brandies.

In fact its about what they haven’t done!

They have avoided caramel colouring, fine filtering and not adhering to French age statement regulations, especially with Cognac.

And then on the positive side, we’ve seen them put age statements on the labels AND importantly, bottling their products at cask strength.

And guess what?  The French have caught on.  Vive la France.

Let’s take this Fillioux Cognac.  It has a purity and complexity that borders on breathtaking, because it hasn’t be messed around with.  And we have an age statement on it.

From Cognatheque, “Fruity, lively and exhilarating: muscat grapes, mirabelle plum… and deliciously greedy: madeleine, shortbread biscuits.  Lovely supple finish on almond, orange blossom – the oak, wonderfully integrated, brings just the right amount of roundness”.

So ends my rant.

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