Jeffersons Very Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon

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Vanilla, Peaches, Toffee.

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It’s funny, but in the near past, single malt aficionado’s always use to turn their collective noses up at independent bottlings.  Distillery offerings were always best, in their opinion.

In the world of American bourbons,  consumers, from expert to the basic, just didn’t care.  Official or independent.  No matter, so long as the whiskey was good.

Founded in 1997 by Mr Trey Zoeller, who basically went around buying up cask a whiskies in a time of glut and re-selling them under his own label, Jeffersons.  He made his name by buying some of the last stocks from the famed Stitzel-Weller distillery (Risen, Bourbon).

Very Small Batch is a blend of four different bourbons of varying mash bills with official notes declaring, “Brown Sugar with a hint of citrus. Vanilla, Peaches, Toffee. Delicate and Warm, honey”.

From the Whisky Jug, “Slightly richer and denser than the nose, but still on the light side, the palate is layered with notes of burnt caramel, cinnamon heavy spice, dark fruit leather, honey soaked baklava, pie crust and a touch of wood.  Long and woody with notes of caramel syrup, spice, vanilla, biscuits and some astringency. The finish might be the strongest part of this whiskey”.

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