Lagavulin 8yo 1816-2016 200th Anniversary


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All style and finesse…

Only 1 left in stock

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What a way to celebrate your 200th birthday, with a feisty 8yo youngster.

But I’ll leave it my very old friend at Whisky & Wisdom, “Where to start? Well, firstly, this is very obvious proof that a whisky doesn’t have to be old or even over 10 years to reach and display quality. It’s a clean dram, and the alcohol and texture is as near perfect as any dram I can recall. If there is an absence of oak or telling wood influence, it is more than made up for by the dense peatiness. The famous Lagavulin dry smoke waits until the finish to really reveal itself, but as you’d hope and expect, it delivers with style and finesse. This is a wonderful whisky that you could happily sit on all night and not want for much more. Top marks, Diageo.”

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