Mackmyra Limousin Swedish Single Malt Whisky

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Bright and vibrant…

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Swedish Mackmyra is quite the success story, starting in 1999,  the distillery has now expanded into new premises with the old distillery now used for experimentation.  And these Swedes are not afraid of innovation.

Limousin is a single malt that uses that highly flavoured French oak that is primarily used in the production of Cognac.  So you would expect spicy oak along with the dried fruitiness associated with brandy.  But it gets a lot more interesting when you look at the actual cask makeup of this dram…

Cognac barrel, 350L (1st French oak), elegant recipe
American oak barrel saturated with Oloroso, 200L & 128L (fresh, 1st & 2nd)
American oak barrel, 200L & 128L
Raspberry wine 100L
Swedish oak barrel 30L
Ex-Bourbon barrel, 200L

From WhiskyForEveryOne, “On the palate the whisky is just as bright and vibrant. Distinct notes of candied orange peel and vanilla shortbread rise first and are quickly joined by raisins, sultanas and the baked apple from the nose. With a little time, further notes of over ripe pear, milk chocolate and gingerbread begin to evolve. Then comes something reminiscent of marzipan and peach”.

Official notes read, “Round taste with vanilla caramel, dried fruit, sweet almond and dark chocolate. A light spiciness from the oak, with light sour grape tones, ginger and matured pear. Aftertaste: Vinous, sun-ripened grapes with oak notes and soft pear caramel”.


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