Mackmyra Rok Swedish Single Malt Whisky

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Welcome back to Australia Mackmyra.  And boy, look how this Swedish distillery, founded in 1999, has grown up.

Mackmyra Rok is is a smoky malt made entirely from Swedish ingredients with maturation in both American and Swedish oak casks.  And the smoking agent? Juniper!

From the Dramble, “Svensk Rok feels very calm and controlled. There’s a precision here which comes across as an equilibrium between spirit, cask and smoke. Whilst I don’t detect juniper outright, the peat influence is certainly vegetal and forest-like – this adds an extra dimension to the aroma and flavour palate of the underlying Mackmyra spirit in a manner which feels both natural and integrated. Likeable and quaffable too”.

Official notes read, “Smokier than the nose with smoky, peaty, juniper notes. Dry, oaky aromas found with light tobacco leaves and herbs. A slight saltiness with minerals, anise and green fruits.  Slightly dry and smoky with notes of oak, salt and herbs”.

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