McLaren Vale Distillery Dutschke 22yo Tawny Cask South Australia Single Malt


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New style but in keeping with the original ethos, the use of wine casks, both table and fortified…

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It’s almost a case of… “Out of the Ashes…”

As is so typical with new start up enterprises, especially in the beverage industry, businesses can fall apart in quite dramatic, heartbreaking and rapid ways. But Jock Harvey, owner of McLaren Vale Distillers, is made of harder stuff and decided to forge ahead with the venture…by himself.

So, new label, new style but in keeping with the original ethos, the use of wine casks, both table and fortified, is still in use. And also as with the original offerings, the spirit quality is very, very good.

So, for this first release, Mr Harvey has not only released an entry level multi-cask malt but also a special single cask offering with oak sourced from one of the true masters of not only extraordinary Barossa red table wines but also of high quality fortified wines, Mr Wayne Dutschke.

Note well: The 22yo refers to age of the oak cask.  Not the malt.

And to the taste, in my in-expert words, “American oak (vanilla and cream) to the fore on the nose but well supported by subtle red fruit notes and the barest hint of oak spice. The malt shines as sweet barley sugar lollies. On the palate, long, narrow palate, driven by the lively alcohol. You need to dig for the dried fruit flavours as the creamy malt shines though. The finish is crisp, dry and slightly peppery.  A thoughtful dram”.

But I’ll leave it to Mr Harvey  to fully describe it, “Our whisky was quietly aged in hogshead, single Dutschke American Oak Shiraz cask; previously home to a 22 year old Tawny. A golden-honey colour, this cask-strength whisky has soft hints of oak-derived vanilla and subtle malt flavours.”

Warning: This is not a 22yo whisky!

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