Midleton Very Rare 1996 Bottling Blended Irish Whiskey


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From the giant Midleton distillery comes one of the true marvels of Irish whiskey making, the Very Rare. Created by Master Distiller Barry Crockett in 1984 and now carried on by the current Midleton Master Distiller, Brian Nation. The notion being that once a year, the master distiller, picks some of the best spirits at Midleton for a special blend, the Very Rare.

Maturation is done in ex bourbon (American) oak and it is claimed that the spirit, which is both malt and grain, with probably some unmalted barley as well, and is aged between 12 and 25 years.

This 1996 edition I have been reliably told, still contain vintages of whiskey produced at the now closed Old Midleton distillery.

From Scotchwhisky.com’s Dave Broom, “This 1996 shows a lighter and slightly more restrained character than the 1995, and is more sweet and slightly grassy with Canteloupe melon, citrus and blackcurrant leaf – maybe lighter pot still being used. Its influence is more obvious on the palate, where it adds mouthfeel and an extra spicy kick, which in turn balances sweet pear and Szechuan pepper. Balanced and refined, this develops well in the glass and, though less immediate than earlier vintages, has extra elegance”.


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