Morrison Carn Mor Ardmore 2009 12yo


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Big smoke, creamy malt undertones…

Sold out!

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I think that Ardmore is one of those hidden treasures in the malt world.  It’s not really sexy.  It’s not really collectible. And it seems to have been overlooked by Aussie whisky imbibers.
And this is a real shame.  And probably not helped by the official bottlings being a tad dull.  As I have loudly stated before, the indie bottlings of Ardmore’s I’ve tatsted over 2021 and 2022 have been stunners.  And it all gets down down that perfect marriage of rich maltiness and just the right amount of peat.
So here’s another and here’s my review, “Big smoke, creamy malt undertones, bonfire smoke, Highland peat.  And the taste?   Once again, gig creamy, malty, dry smoky finish. Lingering.  Plus the added bonus of citrus fruit vanilla flavours.  Brill!”

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