Old Kempton The Coachhouse Batch 1 Tasmania Malt Whisky

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Sweet and elegant…

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I’ve been watching this distillery for some time since industry luminaries such as Mr Tim Duckett espoused at length as to how good their spirit is.

And this Coachhouse release certainly confirms it in my mind.  A cask strength single malt, where the intrigue and complexity comes a blending of multiple casks across multiple wood types, including table and fortified wine styles.   As the distillery states that its intention is, “to create a perfect balance between the bright fruit and rich malt style of Old Kempton spirit and the layers of complexity which comes with age and maturation”.

And it’s at cask strength, but you wouldn’t know it.

My rough notes read, “Yellow fruits, gentle buttery oak.  Big crisp palate, backed up with some very fruity and textured malt. Good balanced with sweet fruitiness and oak at the end. And it just lingers”.

Official notes read, “A sweet and elegant palate that maintains the body and alcohol warmth expected of a cask strength. Stewed apple and spices develop as the whisky moves across the palate. Finish: A long sweet finish with jelly babies and gummy bears giving way to oak, mixed spices, and orange peel”.

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