Old Kempton Winter Release 2023 Bourbon Pinot Casks Tasmania Single Malt Whisky


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Dark fruits, stewed prunes, red currant jelly…

Only 3 left in stock


Old Kempton, once named Redlands, is an impressive distillery, both for its physical presence but also for its tasty spirit.  Founded in 203 with their first malt released in 2015.

But what is also interesting is that we are now starting to see the emergence of more ex Bourbon barrels being used by Aussie distillers.  And in larger formats. So are we starting to see the end of the use of small fortified wine casks, that was once the mainstay of Tassie whisky production, in those early days?

I suspect our local distilling industry is coming of age.

And this new release for 2023 really does show the benefits of using larger format American oak cask: A softer, creamier, vanilla flavoured oak profile that works really well with clean, fruity spirit.

With this release, Old Kempton have initially matured the spirit in French oak pinot noir casks, for a layer of oak spicy fruitiness.  And then finished off the spirit in those American oak casks.

From DrinkTasmania, “Big Juicy mouthfeel with plenty of dark fruits, stewed prunes, red currant jelly, and orange peel.  A beautiful long finish with lots of dried fruit and a touch of toffee that develops into toasted oak and mixed spice”.



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