Old Rip Van Winkle 12yo Special Reserve Lot B 04-6084 Kentucky Straight Bourbon

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Surprisingly sweet…

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The Van Winkle’s are one the great names in American bourbon and the Pappy range is at the very top of most experts top Bourbons.

The Special Reserve ranges is the next in line after the Papy’s with the spirt being made at Buffalo Trace.  From what I can gather, the code 04-6084, on the front label, appears to indicate that it was distilled around 2008 to 2012.  While the words Lot B also indicates a post 1991 bottling.

This bottle came from a collector who actually purchased it in the USA and bought it home to Australia.

A recent review of the Special Reserve in 2018 reveals, “Apricot, cherry, mild oak, touch of peach. Surprisingly sweet.
‍Finish: Cherry, oak, quite palatable”.

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