Paul Giraud Grand Champagne Cognac Tres Rare Quadro Carafe


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The big undeclared surprise is that this spirit was distilled in 1962, with an age of 58 years. But you won’t find that on the label…

Sold out!

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One of the great tragedies of the spirit world is that the laws governing Cognac are so restrictive.  And let me illustrate why…

This magic bottle on offer has been declared as Tres Rare.  That is very old.  Unless you’re in the know, or a longtime Cognac aficionado, we really have no idea how old the spirit is or what components when into it.  Nor do we know anything about distillation dates.

That’s the law.

So what a surprise when the importer of this product declares the following: Distillation date: 1962, with an age of 58 years.

And you won’t find any of this information on the label or decanter or on a a card.

C’est la vie.

Paul Giraud is an extraordinary distiller , with a heritage dating back to the 1650’s, the Giraud spirits are renowned for their winy freshness due the damp cellaring conditions.  A style not often seen in the Grand Champagne region of Cognac.

Tres Rare? Tres Beaut!

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