Penderyn Carcavelos Welsh Whisky

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Sweet and fruity…

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Believe it or not, but Penderyn is now 24 years old and now sports two distilleries.  And yet I still think of it as a small but fascinating distillery.

Carcavelos is a whopping 59.9%, limited edition, 60 bottles, Australia only, Welsh whopper.  And the finishing oak, is called a bloodtub.  Which I believe is a 30 to 40 oak cask used for private bottlings or rapid maturation of spirits in Europe.

According to the importer, “Matured in ex-bourbon casks from Jan 2016 until the end of 2018, the whisky has since been matured in this exceptionally rare wine cask from the small Carcavelos DOC wine region near Cascais on Portugal’s Atlantic coast”.

Carcavelos DOC: A now hard to find fortified wine located near Lisbon.

Importer’s notes, “Sweet and fruity, creamy caramel, apricots and figs; a hint of nutmeg and light oak spices.  Slightly drying with oak spices and a touch of light pepper and ginger”.

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