Welcome back old friend.  It has been quite sometime.  And look how all grown up you are!  Now in its 22nd year, the distillery has grown as has its reputation.

A single pot still with a rectifying column, not very common in the early 200’s when the distillery was launched, but now common amongst Aussie producers, makes a super clean spirit that is quite different from it’s more traditional Scottish counterparts.

And this malt is their flagship.  The one that represents the house style.  And take a look at that art deco bottle!

My brief notes read, “Fruity, crisp spirity nose, gentle hint of sweet oak and malt, clean as a whistle. On the palate, Soft gentle malt driven entry, sweet, dried fruits and buttery oak.  Moderate length, lingering oak spiciness.  Welsh Gold indeed.”

From MaltReview, “It’s a sweet palate, with a bitter oaky, spiciness that comes in shortly after. Unlike the Legend, the bitterness stays in check and some of the sweetness remains throughout, keeping things much more balanced. There’s rich juicy sultanas, heather honey and creamy vanilla, along with sour lemon and sharp green apple. The finish is dry, with the green apple lingering, together with ginger, sultana and oak spice”.

Official notes read, “Crisp and finely rounded, with the sweetness to balance an appetising dryness.  Notes of tropical fruit, raisins and vanilla persist.  Oaky vanilla tones/dry sweetness”.