Penderyn Madeira Single Cask 064-11 Welsh Single Malt Whisky


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a full rich style with plenty of class…

Sold out!

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Now in its 22nd year, the Penderyn distillery has grown as has its reputation.

Originally all the malt was produced from a  single pot still with a rectifying column.  The spirit used tome off at a whopping 92% ABV, not very common technique in the early 2000’s when the distillery was launched.  This makes a super clean spirit that is quite different from it’s more traditional Scottish counterparts.

Expect a full rich style with plenty of class and very pleasingly, this malt is an Aussie exclusive!

Official notes read, “Velvety mouthfeel with sweet honey notes, vanilla, oak spice, dried fruits and a dusting of cacao. Coffee notes linger on the palate”.


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