Penderyn Myth Welsh Single Malt Whisky

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Oh, this dram warms you up…

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When you see these types of malts come out of a distillery, you just know that the distillery has finally come of age.  And with the Welsh Penderyn, production has also grown.

The entry level or Red Dragon series Myth, is departure from the norm as it introduces Penderyn imbibers to the world of red wine cask finish for this malt.  Expect a gentle hint of fresh red berry fruitiness.

From Whisky Unplugged, “Woody flavours up front and then sweetness spreads. Dark sugars this time though. I’m thinking more in the realms of a sticky toffee pudding, with dark fruits and a little cakey spice. Marsala wine on the close.  Oh, this dram warms you up from the inside out, for sure. Almost too much. A bit heartburn-y but those sweet flavours linger to even it out”.

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