Philadelphia Distilling Bluecoat American Dry Gin

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A distinctive citrus flavour gin…

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An American gin!  Who would have thought it!!  And an American dry gin at that.

Philadelphia Distillery based in comes out of the Heaven Hill stable of distilleries, and is defined as a craft distillery.

The gin is simply made up with angelica, coriander, juniper and citrus peel, hence this gin has a distinctive citrus flavour about it

According to GinIsIn, “The palate does have plenty of bright citrus. I’m getting ruby red grapefruit, a pleasant juniper note with a strong angelica component, giving it an earthy, spicy side with less pine. Mid-palate there’s a slight cardamom-like note, and then some sweet orange rind. The finish is medium length with a pleasant warmth”.

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