Powers Gold Label Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey

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I liked this more and more as I drank it…

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The great and historic Irish whiskey that hails from Dublin. Since 1791.

And the distillery? Midleton no less.  Ireland’s enormous powerhouse of whiskey production based in Cork.

It’s officially a “Single Pot Still Whiskey” meaning, ” Irish whiskey made by a single distillery from a mixed mash of malted and unmalted barley distilled in a pot still”.

From WhiskyInMyWeddingRing, “Tip of the tongue burn, but it’s slight. Deeper complexity opens on the palate – honey, dark fruits that grow as you sip. I liked this more and more as I drank it. The mouthfeel is coating and viscous without being overly filling, and the sweet herbal note develops more fully into fruity grain whiskey. Medium-length, but very fruity all the way”

Official notes read, “Cinnamon, green peppers and a touch of nutmeg combined with orchard fruits, vanilla and toasted oak. All laid upon a crisp barley core.  Long Pot Still oils and spices slowly fade to rich barley, toasted wood and a wonderfully complex honey flavour”.

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