Reservoir Distillery 100 Proof 100% Corn 2021 Virginia Bourbon Whiskey


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Oranges, with nuts and cereal…

Sold out!

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I must admit I was used to be a tad confused about Bourbon.  I thought Bourbon had to be matured in Bourbon county, Kentucky.  But thinking about it, I don’t think it has to, as a famed New York distillery used to produce a Baby Bourbon.

Now, this Richmond, Virginia base distillery, has produced a bourbon with a 100% corn mash bill.  Minimum legal requirement is 51%.  And it has been matured in new American oak.  And I now suspect that is the key to the use of this highly evocative  name:  Corn with new oak.

From Malt review, “Reservoir’s signature laser-like intensity on the palate. Oak crashes in first before grilled corn, char and dark chocolate. More oranges, with nuts and cereal on the finish. Big, bold, brash beautiful stuff – just a touch down on complexity compared to – for example – the rye. 7/10”.

From the distillery, “Creamy and nutty, revealing pecans, almonds and a hint of peanut brittle. Subtly vegetal, sweet, delightfully aromatic.”

And finally from me, “The nose shows big, fat, creamy American oak, with kitchen spice underneath, while on the palate, the spirit is very lively, there’s that rich oak and the finish is dry and oak tannic”.


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