Signatory Mortlach 2010 11yo Fresh Sherry Butt Finish


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Sticky date pudding, melted dark chocolate…

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Big rich and robust Mortlach.  And finished in a sherry butt.  Brilliant.  But I also like the intriguing distilling method that Mortlach employs: a partial triple distillation technique.

Sounds familiar?   Sure does, a famed producer on the Campbeltown peninsula also uses the same techniques.

From MaltReview, ” One of the thickest drams I’ve tasted in all my years; honestly, this is like chewing on caramel. A slight tinge of alcohol before molasses, polished leather, fruit mince and earthiness. Mars bars, mint tea and perhaps a little metallic. I add water to see what else may be lurking in these depths and retrieve gingerbread, candlewax and boiled oranges. Similar to the Strathmill, some light sulphur is to be found – I am no fan of sulphur generally but can’t knock its appearance here”.

Official notes read, “Bold dark fruits combine with rich chocolate notes complimented by Christmas cake spices.  Sticky date pudding, melted dark chocolate and some big bold meaty oils”.

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