Smiths Angaston 1998 8yo French American And Sherry Oak


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Caramel and sweet barley sugar…

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A very early 1998 distillation, and possibly the second release, from a quite remarkable distillery.   S Smith & Sons always had a still at their Yulumba winery at Angaston.  The still was historically used  for grape spirit production used in their famed fortified wines.

And then on a whim and prayer, they fired up the stills back in the late 1990’s in order to produce a single malt whisky.  Some say it was a “one off” event.  But you can still buy their malts today.

But what set S Smiths & Sons apart from the nascent Aussie renaissance in malt whisky production, was that they used a big still and matured their spirits in specialised large format casks.  They were winemakers.  They knew oak. Aussie makers, at the time were enamoured with fast, small oak maturation.

I always thought with Smiths malts that you could taste that they were made by brandy makers.

For this very early release, Yalumba employed French, American and old sherry casks for maturation.

From, ” The nose is pungently oaky. I got some smoky aromas a bit like bacon. Initially in the mouth the flavour is all oak. There is coconut, vanilla and sawdust flavour. This is quickly replaced by the intense caramel and sweet barley sugar flavour, which is rounded out by a mouth feel of lanolin, estery and a mouth coating oiliness.

Finally all this gives way to a pleasant drying astringency with cleans up the previous oiliness leaving your pallet clean, refreshed and ready for another sip. And another, and another, and another”.


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