St Agnes Distillery Camborne Grand Tawny Cask Batch 1 South Australia Singe Malt Whisky

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Golden raisin fruit cake…

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St Agnes Distillery, Renmark, South Australia

Most of us of a certain age,  have grown with St Aggies brandy, it was mum’s preferred tipple, with a touch of dry ginger ale. And in my formative years in wine retailing, it always used to amuse me no end that, how should I say, more senior customers, used to check the neck levels of St Agnes, to make sure that they were getting the bottle with the most in it.

True story.  And St Agnes was huge.

The Angoves wine brand and St Agnes brandies were for a very long time unfairly, they have also long been seen as a budget producer.   But change was afoot in the mid 2000’s when John Angove took over the reigns of the company and started moving them into a more quality driven direction.

This resulted in the release of the premium wines like the Warboys shiraz out of McLaren Vale, the re-launch of the superb, multi-trophy winning  XO brandy range and as of 2023, the unveiling of their brand new Camborne range of single malt whiskies.

With over one hundred and thirteen years of distilling history, this family knows a thing or two about distilling.

So, let me introduce you to…

St Agnes Distillery’s newly released  Camborne range of single malt whiskies.

Double distilled though the original pot stills that were made in 1911, utilising Cooper’s malted barley. This range for me, sticks to the current Australian style of ageing the spirit in a number of fortified and wine casks.  And why not?  You could only imagine the type of oak this family run wine and spirit business has access to!

Importantly, all the barrel used for Camborne are second fill casks.

With this edition, its a Grand Tawny casks that has been used.  Grand Tawny? The fortified must be over ten years of age.

My rough notes read, “Typical Aussie port wood nose, dried fruits with a big dose of oak.  On the palate: Piercing spirit intensity, soft, glycerol texture showing dried red fruits, that just linger.”

Official notes read, “Abundant rancio flavours – Golden raisin fruit cake, maple syrup, almond praline. Subtle notes of cocoa and dusty oak close out the nose.  Finish: Juicy muscatels, caramel malt, milk chocolate, almond praline. Maturation in Grand and Rare Tawny casks have given a rich silky finish”.

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