The Distillers Art Small Batch Allt A Bhainne 2000 21yo Sherry Cask


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Most excellent as it is intriguing…

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New For 2022

“This is a spectacular cask, it really is. Super, first class. I would happily consume that probably until the wee small hours of the morning and be a very happy chap.”
George Thomson, Whisky Curator

And it has been a long time coming.  As we all know, one of the pitfalls of COVID over the last two years has been the abject disruption to both international transport and UK independent bottlers .

To put it simply…Orders placed in January are not turning up in Australia until October.

So, what a relief to finally get some new stock in.  Especially when it comes from our friends at The Distillers Art.  And just to remind you, the DA Small Batch range is the bottle only while the DA Spirit Of The Art, has the limited edition prints with it.

First up is a well-aged offering  from a young distillery, owned by Chivas and founded in 1975.  And what a surprising drop it is.  For being so well-aged, it is surprisingly both rich and malt and very fresh.

Here’s my notes, “Now I don’t normally comment on colour but this dram is medium pale pale, quite extraordinary for its age.  On the nose you are pulled in by the gentle warm of clove and other kitchen spice inspired toast oak that wraps around the generous grain’s sweet maltiness.

On the palate, it’s long and weighty with a good layer of sweet malt and oak.  And this just soaks up that high ABV.  As a good cask strength should.  But the spirit is fresh and lively, there’s notes of tangy citrus fruit.  The finish is clean and crisp and that citrus tang with a dose of malt just hangs around.

Most excellent as it is intriguing”.

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