The Distillers Art Small Batch Braeval 2000 21yo Sherry Cask

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There’s sherry in them thar hills! Ye Ha!!

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“The stunning liquid from this sherried cask creates an awesome experience.”
George Thomson, Whisky Curator

Speyside, sherried, cask strength from a very interesting distillery, that maybe not too many whisky folks have tried.  What a catch!

Welcome to Braeval, a big Chivas distillery , where the official bottlings still go under the name The Braes Of Glenlivet.

Official notes read, “The amazing taste of honey, Christmas cake and oil of cloves with delightful overtones of ginger and cinnamon and a finish that lingers long and large…………….amazing”.

And from my humble notes, “There’s sherry in them thar hills! Ye Ha!!  This is a gentle giant: rich fruity oak, sweet malt, good length, lively spirit keeping the sweetness and fruitiness in check and finishes paradoxically with dry oak grittiness and lingering dry sherried fruit flavours and that ever present sweet malt.  Nice one”.

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