Thompson Bros 2009 12yo Sherry Cask Islay Blended Malt Whisky


Sold out!

Sooty and impressively earthy…

Sold out!


Oh!  For me the perfect combination.  Sweet, dried fortified fruitiness meets the ash and seaside that is Islay peat.

And at cask strength. What a fab combo.

From HLZ30, “Huge sweetness on a bold arrival, then milk chocolate with a high cocoa content. More-than-medium bodied. Burnt sugar, dried hay, sultana, dried prune. Cranberries and balsamico added acidity on the palate, while the white peppers did its job well. Good saltinness too (bacon). The last drop was sooty and impressively earthy with great tannic attack.  Round and moderately long, with dark chocolate bitterness, burnt wood, bacon. Interestingly there was a sense of senka in Asian temple at the very end”.


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