Tin Shed Distilling Iniquity 4yo Anomaly Series Sticky Fingers South Australia Single Malt


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Bold experiment or just plain sacrilegious?

Only 3 left in stock

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From those enterprising lads at Tin Shed comes either this bold experiment or or the heinous commitment of pure sacrilege?

The base of this South Aussie malt is: malt extract!

Malt Extract: From Mr Wiki Pedia, “Malt extract, also known as extract of malt, is a sweet, treacle-like substance used as a dietary supplement”.

Basically, the wart for beer or distilling is dehydrated.  So it becomes a very gooey mess. You know the gooey bit in a mars bar?  That’s malt extract.  Or if you are a beginner brewer: you use malt extract out of a can to as your wart.

We have been taught for years that malt whisky distilling was all about heritage, history and tradition.  And part of that story, the role turning grain into spirit.  But you must make it from “real” malted barley.  You must grind it, make a porridge and then ferment it. Then distill it.  And…then get rid of the mess.

That is the correct way of doing it.

Or is it?

Why not use malt extract instead?

I was highly dubious.  Especially when I got to taste it it.  Full, rich, sweet malt, stewed fruits and just the right amount of oak.  It’s such a gentle and well integrated dram, that you forget that the spirit is at 52%.

Bold experiment or just plain sacrilegious?

I’ll let you decide but I just loved this dram, especially with a mouthful of Mars Bar in my gob.

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