Tin Shed Distilling Iniquity Solera Peated Shiraz Casks South Australia Single Malt


Sold out!

Gentle, round, full mouthfeel with sweet smokiness…

Sold out!


Well done Tin Shed, an affordable Aussie malt that is so soft and easy to drink but has excellent flavours. Plus there is a nice dose of Aussie peat in there as well.

The softness is achieved by continually filling up a cask after an amount has just been bottled. In other words, fractional maturation.  A big dose of the oak used was Barossa shiraz cask, which I presume is American oak.

Official notes read, “There is a gentle, round, full mouthfeel with sweet smokiness. There is tell tale evidence of the Shiraz influence, but with no astringency. Lastly there are some stone fruit and orange citrus flavours.  Long and lingering that initially builds before fading away over time”.

And from Mr Andrew Derbidge’s splendid Whisky & Wisdom, ” The peat is sublime – again, very reminiscent of a sensational Ardmore.  The fruit takes a slightly backwards step and allows the sweet malt to shine a little.  The sweetness is extraordinary – beautifully tasty and yet never cloying or artificial.  It very quickly becomes a palate that you don’t want to analyse, but just want to quaff and enjoy.  Sweet and incredibly long.  Leaves a long footprint that is immensely satisfying and fulfilling.

This was a surprise packet, but what a bloody pleasant surprise!! 

As a nation, Australia hasn’t delved too deeply into peated whiskies.  I’ve long maintained that Bakery Hill Peated was the finest exponent in this regard, but I think we need to make room on the dais, because this just shot into gold medal contention.  This is just SO imminently drinkable.  The nose is both fulfilling and intriguing (yes, a paradox there!); and the palate simply sings.   The key word here is integration.  A masterclass in blending, the result is one of the most drinkable, enjoyable malts from Australia to find its way in to a bottle, particularly at this price point.  There’s something oddly Scottish about this, particularly if you’re a fan of peated malts from Scotland’s mainland”.


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