Toro Albala Electrico NV PX Fino En Rama Bombilla Spanish Montilla-Moriles Wine


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Zesty, slightly bitter citrus profile…

Only 2 left in stock

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I just couldn’t go past this one.  The bottle is a little ripper. A light globe!

Toro Albala are a very highly regarded Spanish wine producer, making wines very similar to those produced in Jerez.  Sherry that is.

But what is surprising, is that this fino is made out of PX grapes.  And En Rama: virtually no filtering.  The style is dry but dense and highly flavoursome.

From SherryNotes, “medium intensity, on the dry side, although there are a few fruity aromas in the background (apples and apricots) and a good acidity. It evolves to a fairly zesty, slightly bitter citrus profile (grapefruit) with salty notes. Not very complex. Medium finish”.

And the light globe?  Because the winery and cellars are located in an old electricity plant.

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