Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Tennessee

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This confection treat packs a wallop…

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Uncle Nearest is a relatively new brand of Tennessee whisky to come to Australia in 2022.  And their actual distilled whiskies should be coming into the market very soon.

And their approach is not unlike many new Scottish or even Australian whisky startups: Let’s use somebody else stills to make a whisky to our specification.  And this is what Uncle Nearest has done.

The story behind the name, it refers to Nathan “Uncle Green”, is quite fascinating, and you can read all about it here, courtesy of the Robb Report.

The 1856 is their inaugural release, with a mash bill of mainly corn and rye and bottled at 100 Proof or 50% abv. While the 1856 refers to date that Nathan Green perfected the Lincoln County Process of mellowing whisky.

From the RobbReport, “The Premium Aged whiskey is a light caramel-colored whiskey that smells of dried grass, peaches and maple syrup. It’s made to appeal to those who enjoy whiskey on the sweeter side. But don’t let that oatmeal raisin cookie flavor fool you — at 100 proof, this confection treat packs a wallop. Best served over a little ice, or in a cocktail with lemon juice and honey”.


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