Vintage Malt Whisky Coopers Choice From the Sample Room Sweet And Smoky


Sold out!

That’s my kind of smoky malt. So very well balanced…

Sold out!


This one extraordinary whisky.  And the way Vintage Malt Whisky have put this together, it really should not work.

Basically, it’s all the leftovers from a range of Cooper’s Choice bottlings, blended together and given a little more oak oomph, courtesy of a refill sherry cask.  And you know some of them a very old and possibly only a puddle in the bottom of the barrel, as the alcohol strength is a very lowly 44.1%.

And it works.  And it works a treat!

My notes read, “Soft gentle oak with good whiff of smoke on the nose, engaging dried dark berry flavours.  Then on the palate, the gentle and sweet oak arrives with a nice big dose of malt and before you know it, ashy peat arrives, but subtly in the background.  Lingering, long and with some depth. That’s my kind of smoky malt. So very well balanced”.

Official notes read, “Smoked oysters with tobacco and old leather again. Complex with sweet malt, dried fruits and bonfire ash with a smooth oily base.  Soft and gentle as the smoke fades”.

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