Wheaty Brewing Corps Tin Shed Distillery 2018 3yo WBW Single Cask Distilled Hopped Beer

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Rich, long and flavoursome…

Only 2 left in stock


I’ve always said that whisky is made from a weak un-hopped beer.  But what happens when that beer is a fully fledged craft beer, fully hopped using exotic malts and specialist yeasts.  A beer that has been given the full craft treatment.

And then it is distilled?

From the famed craft brew pub, the Wheatsheaf Hotel comes this failure of a beer that was then distilled with utterly surprising and highly tasty results  by Tin Shed Distillery.

Sweety Wheaty Whisky: Where that beery hoppiness of a past life just excites.
A rich, long and flavoursome dram that showcases its origins: sweet creamy malt, red berry fruitiness, subtle oak, balanced spirit and that intriguing resinous hoppiness.  Mouthcoating with sweet, lush flavours that just hang around for an eternity.

In two words: Dangerously smashable.

Pour me another glass Ms J…

Very limited.  May Never To Be Repeated.

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