Whisky Cellar Caol Ila 2012 8yo Madeira Wine Cask Finish


Sold out!

Big, full, textured, lush…

Sold out!


This is a case where things just don’t add up.  Caol Ila, on Islay, is a massive distillery. Over six million litres of alcohol is produced on an annual basis. A mega-plant for producing industrial scale ethanol.

In a word massive.

Most of the output goes into road tankers, sent to the Highlands for maturation, blending and bottling.  And most of the output goes into blends, in particular, Johnnie Walker.

To taste Johnnie Black, is to taste Caol Ila.

So here’s the rub.  You would think that production techniques would be pretty basic.  So why worry about quality when it just gets blended away?  It should be all about the highly efficient and cost effective production of ethanol.  Shouldn’t it?

Every time I put a glass of official or independent bottled Col Ila to my lips, it just makes me smile.

And here’s why: Complex, supple dried fruits, gentle smoke, lively, great balance.
Big, full, textured, lush oak, ashy smoke finish, sweet palate, but perfectly pitched.
Great balance, classic, lingering.

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