Whisky Cellar Glen Elgin 2008 13yo Sauternes Cask Finish


Sold out!

Gentle spices with apricot jam…

Sold out!


The soft, malty and honeyed Glen Elgin is always a good treat.  But add a dose of Sauternes (sweet wine) oak to the mix and at cask strength, it comes up  a treat.

And from your’s truly, “Big bright, sweet apricots, citrus and florals, subtle oak and malt. Flavours of Sauternes? You betcha.
Big sweet oak, lush fruitiness, crisp, lively, medium body, lingering”.

From MoreDramsLessDrama, “The mouthfeel is quite creamy. On the palate, gentle spices mingle with apricot jam, something fizzy like orange-flavoured Fanta, mango, banana and 60% dark chocolate. Reduction provides lots of ginger and a bit of chalk. Long, on menthol and star anis with something a bit sour as well, then ginger and wood linger for quite a long time. 84/100”.

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