Whisky Cellar Speyside Distillery 1998 22yo

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Bright, fruity, clean…

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This distillery has been so overlooked in Australia.   The idea for this distillery came about in 1956, but it took until 1993 for their first malt to come out.  And along the way there has been plenty of ownership and changes to the brand.

So, my interest was peaked to see this well aged released by The Whisky cellar, indie bottlers. Other Speyside releases I have tasted in the past have been, I have to say, a bit ho-hum.

But then I tasted this one, “Bright, fruity, clean, good integration, hints of fortified wine
Grainy, old school, wood spice, ginger, moderate to good length, lingering. Dry, white pepper finish.

Nice one”.

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