I like the idea of a pot still bourbon, it’s just the thought in my mind, that you get a bit more character in the spirit than the type you get off a continuous still.  But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

So what do we have?  A flash looking small batch Bourbon and according to Breaking Bourbon, that is believed to be around eight to ten years old. Since 2020, all the distillation was done in house, where earlier bottlings were a blend of a variety of distilleries.  Not much is known about the mash bill, but it is believed that the spirit is aged in about 12 barrels.

So the taste, Once agian from Breaking Bourbon, “Honey and caramel combine to form a sweet note against a light punch of spice and zesty citrus. The bourbon manages to deliver just enough potency to captivate its audience, however it offers a relatively thin mouthfeel.  A surge of rye spice crescendos initially, followed by a delicate sprinkling of cinnamon. Buttered popcorn emerges again, along with more traditional vanilla and caramel flavors. The finish lingers, leaving an agreeable spicy note that makes for an enjoyable end to the sip”.