Willett Johnny Drum Private Stock Kentucky Straight Bourbon

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A snowball rolling over fruits…

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Based in Bardstown,Kentucky, this distillery grew to quite some fame in the period from 1936 though to 1981.  That’s when the wheels fell off the American whiskey market.

The distillery and the remaining stocks were then sold to the Willet’s son-in-law who very effectively turned the company into an independent bottler.  And famously so. Thankfully, full distillery production recommenced in 2012.

The Johnny Drum label came out of that indie bottler era and was specially made for a California  grocer. But today, all of Johnny Drum’s spirits come from the resurrected Bardstown distillery.

As to the mashbill, you’ve got your pick of  six.  And another feature of this distillery, is that all the spirit comes off pot stills.

From BreakingBourbon, “Loads of sweet caramel and vanilla break first, saturating the senses with a notable intensity that hugs the tongue. Bursts of tobacco and leather follow. A touch of smoky char along with a hint of custard round things out. The fusion of flavors on the palate is more rich than it is balanced, but what it offers is quite enjoyable.  It’s here that spice makes its first appearance. It’s warming and pronounced, but not specific. There’s also a touch of smokiness. Brown sugar sweetness develops and lingers, making for a medium-length, elegant finish”.

Official notes read, “The nose is sour apple, vanilla, and oak. The palate is a snowball rolling over fruits, vanilla, and spices, mixing them all together into a well balanced and complex Whiskey”.




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