William Larue Weller 1998 12yo 2010 Release Kentucky Straight Bourbon

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I was first introduced to the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, by none other than Jim Murray at tasting at The Wheatsheaf, a very long time ago.  And it was a revelation.

Murray was in full flight, it was a packed house  and I was thinking, I really don’t need sweet, over-oaked  Yank spirit in my gob.  And then the Weller and the Stagg was poured. I was shocked and stunned and not a little amazed. I had finally seen the light!

The WL Weller name was created by the old Stitzel-Weller distillery which was then bought, the name that is,  by Buffalo Trace around 1999.  This bottling was part of Trace’s famous Antique Collection with this bottling being first released in 2005.

The edition was made at the old Stizel-Weller distillery.

The mashbill is 51%Corn  along with an undeclared amount wheat and malted barley. It;s double distilled and get this 55 barrels used to mature this Bourbon in but there was a 55.5% loss through evaporation.

Official notes, “Caramel corn, light toffee and pipe tobacco”.

From Connosr, “Strong, creamy, and thick. Wow, so many of the flavors in the nose are present on the palate. The mouthfeel is amazingly powerful and the arrival is so rich that it makes me feel as though I’m chewing on a square of chewy caramel. It evolves in and out of mild dryness and sweetness and eventually settles on vanilla. Delicious.

Do yourself a favor and get this at least once. It’s such a sweet and luscious bourbon while somehow not being cloying in the least. I can honestly say that this is the best bourbon to date that I have tried and is absolutely one of the best whiskies I have tried.

As Ralfy says, great whisky continues developing and leaves you behind. This is one of those”.

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