Woodwater PX Honey Cask Release 2 South Australia Single Malt Whisky


Only 3 left in stock

Massive, mouthfilling, lusciously sweet…

Only 3 left in stock


I have to admire Mr Justin Mok, after the travails in trying to build a distillery, he couldn’t wait any longer.  So he hired a still and proceeded to make some whisky.

All above aboard, and all approved by the appropriate authorities.

And he copped some quite some criticism along the way.  But he got to make his whisky, his way.  It was hands-on all the way, from wash, to distilling to maturing in oak.

Well done sir.

A severe case of GOYA as I have ever seen.

This PX Honey really is quite extraordinary.  It’s massive, mouthfilling, lusciously sweet, challenging and yet, highly enjoyable. The palate is densely rich. The PX cask was coated in honey and then re-charred.  The spirit is clean and crisp but with character, the oak was deftly handled.

Official notes read, “The first sip brings a touch of spice intertwined with more raisins. This leads to burnt caramels and cream. Tobacco and dark oak present also. A lovely oily and viscous mouthfeel.  Fine milk chocolate, dried fruit mix, dark Manuka honey and the reprise of charring round out a medium finish”.


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