Woodwater 3yo Red Gum Cask Release 3 South Australia Single Malt Whisky

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Very intriguing and it just lingers…

Only 2 left in stock


This is Justin Mok’s third batch of super flavoursome malts.  And just take a look at the cask type.  Yep red gum. No oak at all!

It’s amazes me that one of Australia’s hardest timbers can be fashioned into a barrel.

And wouldn’t it taste of eucalypt?

Here’s my notes, “Dense woodiness, coffee, white pepper.  Grainy, moderate length, sweet, dried fruits and /kitchen spiced and maybe wood spice derived from the red gum.  Very intriguing and it just lingers.  And surprise, surprise not even the barest hint of eucalypt.”

Official notes read, “A soft mouthfeel before slight warming and spice which pass quickly. Dried fruits meet dark chocolate, burnt sugars, new leather and earthy timber. Finish: Bitter chocolate and barrel char, moving to dried fig, hints of honey and then more earthy timber tones. A shorter savoury finish”.



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