Writers Tears Cask Strength 2017 Bottling Irish Blended Whiskey

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A depth in flavour bursting with complexity…

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A big muscular Irish whiskey hailing from Walsh Whiskey, an enterprising bottler who source spirits and then age them at their cellars in Dublin.

Casks for this 2017 bottling were selected by the founder, Mr Bernard Walsh.  The casks are American oak, but the spirit is a mix of  both pot still (I presume triple distilled with some unmalted barley) and triple distilled single malt.

From WhiskyBuzz, “Lemon zest, caramel sweetness, buttery, and dark chocolate and herby anise notes. As with many cask strength whiskies, it’s intense, but if you weren’t told it was cask strength, you’d probably not guess it. It’s boozy, but subtly so”.

Official notes read, “This whiskey displays a depth in flavour bursting with complexity and flavour. Elegant notes of dark chocolate and rich blackberries precede subtle summer fruits and sweet barley, while hints of butterscotch and rich toasted wood giving way to a bold and intense finish”.


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